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AI-Powered Innovations Unveiled at Adobe MAX: Project Stardust and More

At Adobe MAX, AI takes the center stage with Project Stardust, revolutionizing image editing. Adobe’s generative AI model, Firefly, extends its influence beyond image generation, transforming workflows in videography, audio, animation, and design.

At the Adobe MAX conference, Adobe introduced AI-driven innovations that promise to reshape the creative landscape. Project Stardust, an object-aware editing engine, leads the charge in AI-related developments. This technology revolutionizes image editing, allowing users to effortlessly select, edit, or remove complex elements in any image.

In photography, Project Stardust empowers users to select individuals, relocate them within the composition, and seamlessly fill in the background. It can even modify elements like clothing color and position, essentially treating images like layered files.

Adobe Firefly, the generative AI model, also takes center stage. Now commercially available, it extends beyond image generation to influence various creative domains.

In photography, Adobe introduces:

1. Project See Through: AI-powered reflection removal.
2. Project Fast Fill: Generative AI to video editing, to cut down post-production time.
3. Project Dub Dub Dub: Automates video dubbing, making it as easy as a click.
4. Project Scene Change: Simplifies the compositing of subjects and scenes from different camera perspectives.
5. Project Res Up: Converts low-resolution video to high-resolution using advanced upsampling.

In the 3D and design realm:

1. Project Poseable: This breakthrough allows AI to seamlessly interact with large 3D objects.
2. Project Neo: It enables 3D elements in 2D designs, bridging the gap between complex 3D workflows and 2D design.
3. Project Primrose: An interactive dress turns clothing into creative canvases with flexible textile displays.
4. Project Glyph Ease: Streamlines the design process of glyphs using AI.
5. Project Draw & Delight: Offers a suite of AI tools for transforming initial ideas into polished sketches.

According to Adobe’s Press Release, These innovations highlight Adobe’s commitment to offering powerful AI-related tools, making complex editing tasks more accessible, efficient, and opening new creative horizons. At Adobe MAX, AI-driven creativity takes center stage, promising to revolutionize the way we create and edit images, videos, and designs.


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