flipkart loyalty program firedrops adapts polygon cdk for l2 annouced at polygon connect during india blockchain week ibw 2023.

Indian E-commerce Giant Flipkart is Adapting a Polygon CDK-deployed Layer 2

Flipkart is leveling up its web3 loyalty program, FireDrops, by adopting a Polygon CDK-deployed Layer 2 blockchain for scalability. This announcement was made by Flipkart and Polygon teams at Polygon Connect conference amidst India Blockchain Week. FireDrops has already hit a whopping 3.3m+ active wallets, a remarkable achievement in a short time.

The adoption of a bespoke, Ethereum-based ZK L2 network by Flipkart brings a slew of benefits. This includes a finely-tuned onboarding experience and dedicated blockspace.

This move provides Flipkart with many customization options, setting the stage for a seamless and tailored loyalty program, according to announcement by made by FireDrops on X/Twitter.


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