Nexo Introduces Major App Upgrade for Improved User Experience

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Nexo announces significant updates to its mobile app, including portfolio breakdowns, credit line management, and rewards tracking.

Nexo, the CeFi app, has unveiled the biggest mobile app upgrade to date. The update, which has been in development for a year, brings long-requested features and tools to help users better manage their earnings and credit line.

The redesigned dashboard now has quick-access buttons for adding funds, borrowing, and exchanging assets, providing users with faster access to the actions they perform most often. The Markets section on the dashboard displays the biggest daily price movements, and users can use the new Buy button to take advantage of opportunities.

One of the improvements is the portfolio breakdown, which provides a detailed breakdown of holdings and how they are distributed between Credit Line Wallet and Savings Wallet. The feature allows users to manage their assets better and make better-informed decisions about their portfolio.

The Savings Hub and the Credit Hub are new features that help users manage their earnings and credit line. The Savings Hub provides users with information on their daily earnings, tracks total earnings, and helps them optimize their earnings for individual assets. The Credit Hub gives users more control over their credit line and provides tools to optimize their credit line to help them lower their borrowing rate.

Users can monitor their Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio and perform daily loan health check-ups to ensure that their LTV ratio remains within an acceptable range. They can also manage their outstanding loan and adjust their LTV using the assets in their Savings Wallet. The app also provides users with the ability to see how their rewards grow every day.

The app upgrade aims to improve the user experience and provide users with the tools and information they need to manage their finances better. Nexo encourages users to keep an eye on the app for more upgrades and new features.

According to Nexo, All these upgrades were made possible through feedback from users on social media and requests to the Customer Support team. Nexo continues to prioritize user feedback to ensure that its products and services meet their needs.


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