Nexo Announces Move to from .io Domain

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Nexo, the leading digital asset lender, has announced its move to from .io domain, reflecting its growth and commitment to customers.

Nexo, the leading digital asset lender, has announced that it will be moving its web and email addresses from .io to .com. The move is expected to reflect Nexo’s continued growth and commitment to its customers.

According to Nexo, the move to is a result of the company outgrowing its .io domain. Nexo has chosen .com as its new domain extension to match the credibility and confidence it offers its customers.

The transfer of web addresses for Nexo Pro and Nexo Prime’s platform has already taken place on March 8. The new web addresses are and, respectively. In the coming weeks, all email addresses will also migrate to

The migration of the primary web address,, to, and the platform web address,, to, will take place later in March. Nexo has assured its customers that no action is required on their part, and the technical teams have already laid all the necessary groundwork to ensure a smooth and successful migration.

Nexo’s customers can expect to receive all official Nexo communication via email addresses gradually. For instance, will move to, and will move to

In a statement, Nexo said that the move to is a big change but that its customers should expect “all things nice.” The company emphasized that there would be no changes to its uncompromising principles and the way it manages its customers’ assets.

Nexo believes that the .com acquisition serves as an indication to its customers that it is committed to the long haul. The company’s growth and success over the years have led to this move to a bigger and brighter place for its customers and their digital assets.


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