DECENT Partners with Pivotal, bringing Blockchain Technology to Entertainment Industry

DECENT logo, blockchain technology company

DECENT’s platform is designed to favor creators by enabling them to simplify crowdfunding, fix price for their own content and preventing third-party fees.

Blockchain Technology pioneer DECENT is teaming up with Pivotal Entertainment, a leader in entertainment space, as its official business partner in the United States. Pivotal is known for contributing to several grand entertainment projects and it is an innovator that keeps pace with the evolving media and technology arena. The initiative comes across as a huge boon to both the blockchain technology as well as entertainment field. The mutually beneficial partnership is all set to contribute, streamline and develop a new blockchain based platform that is set to revamp and energize their respective industries.

Pivotal was founded by Amoreette Jones and the company has track record of being latest and adaptive in the evolving media space. It has launched several initiatives and ventures so far including bringing together Chinese technology systems and the United States media companies. Jones has worked as marketing executive at STARZ, MGM, Universal Studios and Artisan Entertainment and has been instrumental in bringing out path-breaking initiatives in marketing arena. Jones strongly believes that Blockchain technology has the potential to grow big. “Blockchain technology revolutionizes the way entertainment is created, consumed and monetized. I sought out DECENT because we share a common vision- to restore value to creative artists who are the lifeblood of entertainment.”

DECENT’s platform is designed to provide value to creators enabling them to simplify crowdfunding, fix price for their own content and preventing third-party fees. It provides the freedom to distribute contents on their own without any outside support.

DECENT’s Founder and Executive Director, Matej Boda has told Gusture, “Amorette Jones and her team at pivotal have some mad skills and they have the projects to back up that claim. We’ve got the blockchain and it has proven both fast and efficient. I can think of no better time and no better partner to bring our technology to the entertainment sector.”


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