Facebook to Get a New White Look, Dating Feature and More

Facebook announces one of its biggest design changes, Facebook get new white look

Facebook is making its biggest change in design. The social network loses for the first time its blue band which is so characteristic of its visual charter. The background becomes even whiter and the algorithm changes to further highlight the communities. The application also hosts a new dark mode.

During the F8 conference held on Tuesday, April 30, 2019, Facebook did not just announce a new lighter and faster Messenger version, they also unveiled the new look of the main social network. The design of Facebook will be completely revised. The overall appearance of the web and mobile version becomes even more white with the disappearance of the blue banner which is one of its most distinctive aspects.

Facebook announces one of its biggest design changes

Mark Zuckerberg also announces changes in social interaction policy. The focus will be more on discussion groups, private messages, but also the Stories of friends. The communities will be much more visible according to the centers of interest.

On the website, a new menu at the top of the screen allows you to browse different tabs: news feed, notifications, videos, your profile, the Marketplace, friends and finally Messenger. The way to access features and sections on the web changes to look a little more like the navigation system of the mobile application.

Secret Crush: Facebook’s Tinder like dating feature?

Mark Zuckerberg introduced the new Secret Crush feature to promote dating. With this new feature, you can engage in an intimate conversation with one or more of your contacts that you would like to know more about. The system will work a bit like Tinder. You add the contact “on a secret list”. The intimate conversation will engage if and only if that person has also added you to his list.

A new dark mode for the web and mobile application

Facebook will finally end up with a dark mode much more successful than the dark mode of Facebook Messenger. It is expected both on the web version and on the mobile application. The social network presented a preview of what it will look like in a video of a few seconds that globally presents the new web interface. Finally, people will start seeing these new updates on Facebook Android and iOS applications. For the web version, we will have to wait a few more months.

(Written by Gollapalli Nithin Kumar; Edited by Mohith Agadi)


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