The Youth Assembly at the United Nations

Indian Youth selected to represent the country at the UN Youth Assembly

Mohith Agadi, a digital marketing consultant and a vocal supporter of human rights and climate change will be representing India in the upcoming 20th session of Youth Assembly at United Nations in New York.

The 2015 UN Summit stands out for its landmark climate change goals among other equally important decisions. In this summit, Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable Development Agenda were adopted by the world leaders. Though the decisions taken in the summit didn’t come into effect till 2016, it was still a historic summit. The UN member countries will try to implement the goal and make efforts to slow down climate change, eliminate poverty and social inequalities.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs

The population of the world is steadily rising and a majority of world population today comprise of youths. This is a rather good thing because today’s young population has the potential to deal with the problems that the world is facing today. Many of world’s youth are visionaries and leaders and they are doing their best to make this world a better place. Though the respective governments of the world’s foremost countries are tasked with creating a framework that would make it possible to achieve the global goals, it is actually the young pathfinders and visionaries who have taken the responsibility upon themselves to implement those goals.

Mohith Agadi, a youth from India who has an influential presence in the social media is someone who understands the importance of these global goals. He is the founder of Initiative 17’ framework; the framework encourages students, educational institutions and youth in general to take part in implementing the global goals set by the world leaders.

Mohith Agadi, a digital marketing consultant and a vocal supporter of human rights and climate change will be representing India in the upcoming 20th session of UN Youth Assembly that will be held in New York. He believes that in order to empower humanity, women need to be empowered. He has also been working for the “#ZeroHunger” campaign by The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and has driven considerable attention towards the campaign and what it is trying to accomplish.

When he was asked about the inspiration behind Initiative 17, Agadi said he was inspired by a statement by H.E. Peter Thomson, the President of the 71st session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, “Young people must be empowered with the education, knowledge, skills and opportunity to participate as contributors, innovators, and pacesetters in sustainable development efforts for the betterment of this world.” He also said in his statement, “To support these efforts, last November, I wrote to all Heads of Government to urge them to include the SDGs in the education curricula of all schools, so that youth understands the logic of the 2030 Agenda, and so that all young people learn of the SDGs as both rights and responsibilities.

Photo credit: Johnny Vacar


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