Bitcoin based Secure E-Commerce solutions for Smartphones

Barcelona, Spain / MWC 2015 — Apart from the other innovations to be demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress 2015, we will also get to see the new secure innovations for  E-commerce payments. These solutions have been developed for android smartphones for now and can be witnessed in Hall 7 at booth 7B81. Samsung and Rivetz will be joining Trustonic, Intercede, Coinapult and Bitpay in the demonstration of E-Commerce transactions based on Bitcoin. It is hardware secured and end to end solution and is expected to leverage the Trustonic’s T – base TEE environment.

As announced by Rivetz on Feb. 28th that this would be the most sophisticated payments solution by far and has the potential of increasing the handsets’ built – in security that is nowadays shipped worldwide. Rivetz and Bitpay have partnered to bring forward this technology. This solution is not just secure but is also open –source and easy to use. It can be implemented on any smart device that supports Trustonic. The solution has also been made compatible with a number of Bitcoin merchants. Consumers will finally find their peace of mind since the Bitcoin transactions will be kept private, secure and safe. This solution by Rivetz fulfils all the requirements of the European Payments Regulations that have been implemented recently. The solution benefits from the TEE environment of Trustonic that is used in a million devices. TEE environment provides a space that can be trusted for processing and storing of private keys of Bitcoins. Another advantage to the solution is the TUI i.e., trusted user interface that allows for entering Pin securely and the display of the user’s details is also safe and secure.

Here the MyTAM cloud service by Intercede has also been used for the secure loading of the Bitcoin wallet in the processing environment. It also provides security to the app and the accessed data from any internal or external threats. The solution will be available for use in the latter half of the year and will be made compatible with 350 existing smart devices particularly Smasung devices. Executive Chairman of Bitpay – Tony Gallippi said that this state of the art solution will be of great help to Bitcoin in becoming a standard and secure feature of every smartphone. He also said that Rivetz’s solution will be made available for million Bitcoin users as soon as possible.

Trustonic’s CEO – Ben Cade also expressed his happiness in working with Rivetz saying that the solution will be a great model for developing any app that leverages TEE security provided by Trustonic. Richard Parris (CEO, Intercede) added that apps that use Bitcoins are always on the hackers’ target who are also working hard in finding ways of deploying their malware in users’ devices. Since this solution works by keeping the main OS and app activities separate from each other, the users need not worry about transactions. Rivetz is also offering a software development kit that can be used to implement its solution in any app that wants to take advantage of its capabilities.


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