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No more Bitcoin Support from Microsoft Store Payments

It wasn’t long ago that Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin payments for purchase of content from the Microsoft Online Store. In a very short span of two years the situation seems to have changed, as the tech giant has posted on its website that Bitcoin payment is no longer an available option. The message says, “You can no longer redeem Bitcoin into your Microsoft account.” It further adds that for the users who have existing Bitcoin balance in their accounts can use the cryptocurrency for making purchases. So you can use your existing Bitcoin balance but cannot make any further deposits.

The tech giant hasn’t made it clear as to why it removed the support for the popular payment method. However, the suspected reason for change is that the number of transactions made using Bitcoin had remained small during the two years. Therefore, the company had no reason to keep it alive.

The company allowed users to buy only digital content from its store with Bitcoins. Also, Microsoft didn’t expand it beyond the United States. The users’ interest in using Bitcoins never seemed to increase.


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