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Gusture Is Joining Fact Protocol Ecosystem To Launch Decentralized Fact-Checker

Lewes, DE, United States — This is to inform all of our members and subscribers that Gutsure has agreed to join Fact Protocol’s (FP) ecosystem.

Fact Protocol is a decentralized fact-checking system powered by blockchain/web3 technology and globally distributed communities. Fact Protocol aims to become a verifiability layer of web3 and decentralized fact-checking is one of its first initiatives.

Gusture is joining forces with Fact Protocol with a single purpose in mind: to unleash the power of unity in the fight against fake news and mis/disinformation.

Gusture.com and all of its social channels will merge with FP’s decentralized fact-checking initiative, 2fa.news, to form the world’s first decentralized fact-checker with incentivization mechanics. The rebranding (Gusture to 2FA News) will take place in the next weeks.

Rest assured that our reporting ethics is only improving for people all across the world.


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