Twitter user alleges bribe taken by Mumbai Police for sitting at Marine Drive at 2 AM

marine drive, mumbai city

A Twitter user claims Mumbai City Police took a bribe for sitting at Marine Drive at 2 am. Mumbai police respond and launch an investigation.

Twitter user Viggy, with handle @viggyvibe, has accused the Mumbai City Police of taking a bribe from him for sitting at Marine Drive at 2 am on March 4, 2023. The user attached a screenshot of a Google Pay UPI transaction for INR 2,500, with the receiver’s name appearing as Atish Jadhav.

Mumbai Police responded to the tweet, asking Viggy to share his contact details in a direct message on Twitter.

Later, the police said that there was no police constable by the name of Atish Jadhav in the Marine Drive Police Station but they were investigating the matter. The police assured to intimate Viggy once their investigation was complete. This incident has raised concerns about police corruption in the city.


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