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New Smart city Solutions launched by Tech Mahindra

By Mohith Agadi | Mobile World Congress, Barcelona – Tech Mahindra Ltd. unveiled new solution suite to meet the needs of the evolving network scenarios and the requirements for building smart cities. The solutions suite is based on SDN and NFV and is top of the line. According to SDNCentral, in 2018 the global expenditure in SDN-NFV will be nearly $35 Billion showing a growth rate of over 20%.

Tech Mahindra is a market leader in the SDN-NFV sector and offer their customers capabilities of vendor neutral System Integration and highly scalable managed services. Tech Mahindra is delivering numerous choices and high level integration to its customers, thus speeding up their vendors’ Time to Market. They are aiming to lower their customer’s TCO by a minimum of 25%-30% with the help of NFV and SDN components like Load Balancer and Bandwidth Management.

Tech Mahindra has also developed a vEPc or Virtual Evolved Packet Core as a part of the suite. This vEPC is capable of scaling or control and data plane surges independently. It is 3GPP compliant and has a custom developed VNF manager for enhancing virtualization platforms to meet the carrier grade requirements of virtual network functions.

The Digital Enterprise Services (DES) unit is helming the project. This unit is engaged in offering solutions integrating technology with business that solves issues that come up in today’s business environment. They use Networks, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Security, Social and Sensors to understand the needs of the future and come up with solutions to meet those needs.

Ranganath Rajaiyengar, Vice President – R&D Services, Tech Mahindra said, “We, at Tech Mahindra, help accelerate SDN-NFV transformation of CSP networks through End to End vendor neutral solutions powered by in-house IPs, System Integration, testing & Managed Services. Tech Mahindra’s vEPC has a modular architecture making it flexible for adding new features & enhancements. This, coupled with our strong services heritage will play a key role in circumventing higher up-front costs and any hardware related issues.”


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