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TouchPico – A Teeny Tiny Handheld Projector

We have seen the world getting smaller and smaller, from desktop to smart phones. Now see the reverse, TouchPico a teeny tiny handheld projector literally turning any surface into a giant touch screen of 80 inch. Is there any need to carry the laptop or the tab anymore?

TouchPico (Portable Projector) – Image Source: YouTube

Developed by the team of experts, TouchPico is a handheld small android 4.2 projector, which works as an 80-inch touch screen. The infrared detection technology tracks the stylus and allows you to control, also interact with the image that is projected on any surface, at the speed of 40 frames per second. The technology being the tiny inbuilt camera in TouchPico, which captures the signals and converts, them into the touch screen coordinates. The stylus which resembles a small pen has a tiny infrared emitter. The stylus also helps the projector to read the touch inputs. Hence allowing you to even Skype video chat on the 80-inch screen, unbelievable isn’t it..

TouchPico - A Teeny Tiny Handheld Projector

In has been developed on the Android 4.2 but it is fully compatible with both Apple Macbook or your PC and laptops. TouchPico will be useful for everyone, irrespective of their age. You can watch your favorite movie, family albums, play games, pitch for the new account with the sales presentation on the go, use it as an interactive screen with your colleagues, use it as a white board or watch your favorite cookery show whenever you wish to. The best part about the mini projector is it will fit your pocket with ease, being just about the size of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone.

TouchPico is crowdfunded at Indiegogo, creating a record of sorts by hitting $55,000 within 24 hours of launch. The team is also giving special offers to early distributors. If you pledge for TouchPico distributors Program, you will get the evaluation sample and secure exclusive lead-time of 9 months for your country, though it is exclusive of USA, China and Singapore. The crowdfunding on this project will close on August 26 and the shipping of the device is supposed to start around 15-30 October. The early bird offer for TouchPico is only $329, an extra of $30 to be charged for international shipping.


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