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Unrest in Ukraine settles Down

Unrest in Ukraine settles Down
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The political turmoil in Ukraine which lasted for more than several months in Ukraine, finally seems to have come to an end as the opposition has reached a temporary pact with The President Mr. Viktor Yanukovych to end the present turmoil raging throughout Ukraine.

According to the agreement, a National unity Government will be installed temporarily and a Presidential Poll will be conducted by the end of the year. Mr Sikorski, the polish foreign minister told the press that the deal was said to have reached due to the interference of the European Union foreign Ministers and the constructive role of Russia.

The agreement was signed by the President Mr Yanukovych and the opposition leaders Mr Vitali Klitschko, Rseniy Yatsenyuk and Oleh Tyanibok at the Presidential administration headquarters in Kiev. Some are not happy with the agreement saying that the President can’t be still trusted and called the opposition leaders as traitors who made the deal.

The deal had the following:

  1. 2004 constitution to be rstored in 48 hours and Unity government formed in 10 days.
  2. The constitutional reforms balancing the powers of the President, Parliament and the Government Will be started immediately and completed before September.
  3. A Presidential election will be held after the new constitution is adopted, but no later than December 2014 and new electoral Laws passed.
  4. An investigation into the recent acts of violence will be conducted under the monitoring of the authorities, opposition and council of Europe.
  5. The authorities will not impose a state of emergency and both the authorities and opposition will refrain from violence.
  6. Illegal weapons will be handed over to interior ministry bodies.

The violence started months ago when The President decided to reject a landmark association and trade deal with the European Union, favouring to maintain good ties with Russia. The Presidents of the U.S and U.K welcomed the deal.

More than several hundreds were killed in the protests so far and hopefully if the violence comes to a halt in Ukraine and the terms of the deal are implemented, things will probably get back on track in Eastern Europe.


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